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Tooth Fairy by Size-And-Stupidity

Well this just goes to show how the world was before greed became dominant. As always these never fail to make me laugh, this time through some visual humour because I defy the people who didn't chuckle when they saw that little pink dino-fairy. But this unlike a lot of Jurassic shorts is quite sweet, as of late we'd had things dealing with the apocalypse which is funny don't get me wrong but it is a welcome change to have something quite kid friendly. Not something we'd normally expect from a bunch of primevally inclined yet surprisingly intelligent beasts but nonetheless this is a cute piece as well as funny. So to the writer and artist I say well done, you have not disappointed and have also managed to surprise me.
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Size-And-Stupidity Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Professional Artist
Thanks again for the interesting critique. I think I may surprise you again very soon as I have a few new characters to introduce into the series. Lets just say the cannibal carrots will be back and they'll be very scared. :D I had a wonderfully dull day at work and managed to write 4 cartoons with my new additions.
Rouge-Fox Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student Writer
Oh you are a genius
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